Looking Back and Moving Forward

Let the work continue.

Future Leaders

IMG_0754 (2)Last year was not without its challenges, we saw the rise and demise of certain or Community Based Organisations, we lost and gained Future Leaders we had grown to love and admire and we were pushed into the tightest of corners where we were forced to stop and just untangle ourselves.

As a network working with hundreds of organisations and government departments, it is imperative that we allow our work process to flow within the office space and that each staff member is clear about their responsibilities and those of their co-worker. 2015 was a year of strengthening those bonds, re-strategizing and reviewing internal and external approaches to the work.

We welcomed a few new staff members mainly for the Information Management System program and the integration process was as smooth as can be. With interns, it was ups and downs and we learnt a great deal about the responsibility…

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A journey we all know too well.

Future Leaders

photo 3 Psychosocial Meeting at Mzumbe

Everything has a starting point, and every life has a beginning but our beginnings are never the same. Though everyone has the potential to create their own life story and carve their path, we must always remember that the tools we have been handed are not the same. Some people are handed fully fuelled tractors while others are given shovels that don’t have handles, and the range from one end to another is very wide and subject to interpretation.

This is what we have to consider when we work with a community. Trying to help people work with what they. It became apparent to me as I was reflecting on the progress that we have made in the Future Leaders psychosocial program that without being aware, I had pre evaluated the Future Leaders onto Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. That being the basis of the rest of…

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6 Questions With Zola Songo: Vocalist, Photographer And Budding Philanthropist

I forgot about this and a few minutes ago while I was taking a work break for some tea I found myself browsing through Facebook and a friend had posted it.. Thank you Frank for the constant love.

S&X Starving Creatives

The beautiful young go-getter that is Zola The beautiful young go-getter that is Zola

Zola Songo a 23 year old born and raised in a town on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal called Port Shepstone. Zola is a photographer, undiscovered singer, a creative mind, poet, a philanthropist, an adventure seeker and down right crazy human being. She is currently in the marijuana capital of the world (Netherlands) and as she put it she’s out there ‘hustling’ and we are glad she agreed to have an interview with us. 

So you are in the Netherlands what are you doing there?

To put in simple terms well I’m hustling, lol. I’m looking after families’ children so I’m a nanny so I can pay for my studies at UNISA (Psychology) and quench my thirst for adventure. Just enjoying being young I guess the best way I can.

Its always hard to bottle down creativity. Zola is a photographer, undiscovered singer, a creative mind, poet, a philanthropist, an adventure seeker and down right crazy human being Its always hard to bottle down creativity. Zola is a photographer, undiscovered singer…

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Reset and Resume. ( Future Leaders )

Welcome to my second work blog..

Future Leaders


Imagine you were born in a place where dreams go to die. But you were strong willed and determined. When you grew up you had big dreams and you were going to realize them all, you would become a teacher or engineer or even a social worker.

Life Happened 

You finished high school and your family could not afford to send you to University, the only reason you made it through high school was because it is a human right in South Africa so school fees were very low. The longer you sit at home watching the sun rise and fall after numerous years and attempts to find some kind of employment and education opportunities you begin to get weary.

You find yourself desperately trying to hold on to some kind of hope, you feel it slipping out of your hands, like you are trying to catch the wind…

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Making a living.


IMG_6116 (2) A girl looking after her little sister in an ECD site. “I am my sisters keeper”

IMG_0993 (2) This post is mostly about this lady in blue with a box of goodies on her head…

She is freshly widowed. I can tell by the clothes she is wearing. I met her at an ECD site selling chips and sweets. We spoke as I gave her a lift home. On an average day she walks about 8 km’s and makes about R20 (less than $2) profit. Her demeanour is humble and thankful. Another day she gets to feed her children and grandchildren. I did not ask her about her lost love. I wanted her to catch her breath.

I, myself made R10 profit a day in high school. I sold popcorn. I was tired of having to ask for money for a taxi to get to school from my aunt who was clearly…

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Stuck, Stranded and Scared.

Work Blog


untitled-9958 Speed Control. Sometimes I do chat to them. 🙂 The black one looks like it’s climbing or falling.. How exciting.

My last few days in Vulamehlo service office ECD hunt were not made of cotton candy. It was like sifting for grains of sugar in a bucket full of sea sand, brown sugar that is.

Days growing unforgivingly warm and horrendous directions from ECD sites made for even tougher working conditions. One of my most unpleasant moments was when I spent a day dodging potholes and guttered roads looking for an ECD site that with clear directions would have been in plain sight. I called the lady that worked there relentlessly and she kept directing me. When I was finally close, a few hours after my initial departure in pursuit of finding this ECD site I was sweaty, hungry, exhausted slightly irritated and very eager to be done with the…

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